Monday, August 19, 2013

Stay enthusiastic about God

Studying God's Word is such a blessing to our lives!

This morning I started a 13 week study of Ephesians called Glorious Grace with HelloMornings, I absolutely love it. We are learning about more about God's wonderful Grace. Today talked about God's Grace on Paul and how He called him. How are you drawing closer to God? 

Today I want to ask you a question, Are you still as enthusiastic about living for God as you were when you first started on this wonderful heavenly journey? Are you still as passionate? 

I want to encourage you all today to never lose that enthusiasm, keep your joy alive, do whatever it takes because in the end if you let the devil steal your joy then you will be miserable. Here are a few things to keep you encouraged and joyful :
  • Read your bible daily
  • Get together and do bible studies with friends
  • Be involved in your church (don't have one then reach out and find one, if you are in Louisiana then get with me I can help your find one that is very passionate about Jesus)
  • Prayer and worship
I hope today this has encouraged you to stay enthusiastic and joyful in Christ. I pray that you all find what helps you to stay focused and God centered.

What are somethings you are doing to stay focused in your walk with God? Share with us what is on your hearts today.

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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