Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prayer and Fasting can change things!

Sometimes things just look as though they aren't going to change and it just isn't getting better no matter how hard we try, which is the problem, we can't change it in the natural but by getting a hold of God, He can change our situation. 

We need to speak to our problems and tell them how big our God because He is the answer to all of our problems and needs. He is the Alpha and Omega! The beginning and the End! Somethings can only begin to change when we get on our knees and pray, humbling ourselves and letting God take control our situations. We have to deny our self and our will and let God give us what is His perfect will for our life. The bible also states that fasting and praying together can rid things that prayer alone can't move. We will begin to see change when we pray and fast. He doesn't promise immediate results but in His time it will all work out, God honors persistent prayer!

When we begin to pray demons flee, angels work and God can give us what He desires for us to have but until we deny Self and accept God's will, we can't get true victory!
Start fasting and praying today and see God start working in your life!
Where is God working in your life? I'd love to pray with you!

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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