Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Review of The Unveiled Wife book

Are looking for a book to change you and your marriage? Is there something keeping you from enjoying the complete joyous marriage you deserve?

I was so excited when Jennifer wrote her new book The Unveiled Wife and asked me to be apart of her launch team! I absolutely love her daily posting and inspiration. Her story is so much like mine in many ways and this book has really helped me to confront things, deal with them and let them go. It gave me that extra encouragement I needed to just let my past go and realize that by holding onto it, it was having a negative affect on my now and my future.

God has become so much more real and intimate to me than ever before. I highly recommend every wife I know to order it, read it and pray about the things you have read and apply them to your life and marriage. I can't say enough how much hearing her story about her marriage hardships and relationship with her dad has helped me because I had so very rough things go on in my own life that caused me to want to give up. It was only God and His love and mercy that helped me to where I am now. This book truly is an encouragement and a help to me and I hope that everyone that reads this post will order it and see for your self! You can download a free introduction and the 1st chapter here.

This awesome deal is available until March 3rd, you can get 4 books for the price of 2. You get 2 "The Unveiled Wife" books, 1 "Wife after God" book, and 1 "31 Prayers for My Husband" book. Go to this link to get it now!


Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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