Friday, May 22, 2015

God Is Still The Peace In My Storm

When things are going crazy in your life whether at home, work, spiritually, emotionally, etc, Remember there is a Peace SPEAKER! I want to share with you an experience that showed me God is still in the Peace speaking and being a shelter in time of need business!

A little over a month ago, my kids and I were in our camper when suddenly we awoke to a tornado siren, I am literally checking to make sure it wasn't a test and I see that my phone is telling me that this is serious! I call my mom and she informs me that the weather was bad heading my way because it had just left her and she was praying for our safety. 

What do I do? I decided it's too late to drag my kids into a vehicle to safety (hello I know no one nearby with a safety shelter!) so we decided to call on the Shelter in the middle of storm! My kids and I sat in the middle of our camper kitchen floor pouring our hearts into prayer that God would keep His hand on our camper and our lives.  My husband is working and the plant is on lock down because of the weather and no one is allowed to leave so we were left to fend for ourselves. 

Our camper shook once and I felt God just hold it the rest of the time. How do I know He was holding it? Because there was things flying around outside and the campers next to us were shaking but ours held still (when the train passes it rocks) through the entire storm. Later we found out that the tornados pictured above was behind us, 7 miles away another touched down and 15 miles away it took train cars off the track. My God was our Peace and Shelter in that storm and has proved to be our Peace in the midst of our life storms that we have been hit with ever since that day.

It was an experience that I will never forget and neither will my children. We have many storms raging right now including my husband being laid off with no job lined up but God will provide as He always does. I hold to the promise that weeping endureth for a night but Joy cometh in the morning! Please be in prayer for my family that God will show us His will in this next chapter of our life, Thanks and love all of you dearly! Thanks for being such awesome readers!

What are some storms that have hit your world that God held you through? Share with me, I would love to hear from you!

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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