Thursday, March 3, 2016

10 Must haves when living in a RV

Hello everyone! As you all know we travel in our camper a lot because of my husband’s job. Today I want to share with you all 10 few things that makes it more like home and lot more convenient. I have been wanting to do this post for some time but life has been so busy!

 Here are 10 things that I love to keep in our camper!

1.       My crockpot is used more than anything else probably. I love quick and easy crockpot meals and especially during the summer. It definitely helps to not have my camper heated from the stove.

2.       Command Hooks! They are so easy to use and can hold many different things since there are different sizes to choose from. I have them by the door to hold keys, I use them to hang things on the wall like my broom and mop, calendars and even pictures frames.

3.       My shark rocket ultra-light upright vacuum is a must for the camper. It is small and fits under my bed and can suck the life out of the carpet…ok not really but it surely does suck up dirt you didn’t even know was there!

4.       My fry daddy is small but does the job for our family and I easily store it in my drawer under my couch. It is a must if you don’t want to deal with grease in a pot, storing greasing somewhere else or having to throw it out to use your pot for something else.

5.       My tea pot is a must  because my kids love sweet tea and it’s cheaper for us to make 3 gallons every few days then buy it and it just taste so much better.

6.       Is your shower and/or tub dark? Ours was and even with two lights in the bathroom it just wasn’t helping so we bought a ledbar light that is battery operated and used Velcro to put it on the ceiling in the tub. Also in the shower we upgraded our shower head, The Spa Oxygenics shower head is awesome!

7.       If your camper doesn’t have a washer/dryer then laundry is usually done at a laundromat. We upgraded from the flimsy cloth baskets to a rolling hard plastic one….definitely helps a lot!

8.       Our bed wasn’t the most comfortable but the help of a 4” mattress pad we definitely rest better.

9.       Trips to the store can be annoying and especially when the nearest store isn’t so close. In Ohio the closest store was 20 miles away. Thankfully we had bought a Haier small deep freezer to go in the one spot that was open in our camper. So we don’t have to go shopping every day.

10.   And last but not least our Bosch single serve coffee maker is a definite. We absolutely love it and the coffee is available on Amazon.

What are somethings you have to have in your camper? We love our home away from home and try to always find ways to make every inch of our space useful. I’ll be sharing more later. I want to do some more organizing. 

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  1. I'm one blessed Pappaw to have a Godly son and daughter in law who are raising three of my amazing grandbabies!! Much love!!!!


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