Thursday, September 27, 2012

Be still, God is in Control

Today the house is silent except for the sound of the little boy I am baby sitting's swing rocking. I feel as though God is telling me to just sit still and know that He has my life, my marriage, and the whole world in his working order. We may not always understand why things happen but He knows and he will work it out. Pray today and let Him lead your life and quit trying to do it on your own. Pray that He will help your spouse to do the same, to quit trying to do everything themselves and just let God lead them in the right ways.

Be still and know God is in control :)

Be blessed,
Regina Cozad


  1. Hi Regina, I saw a comment you left on Hollow Tree Ventures (b/c I stalk Robyn b/c she's the funniest ever! :-)) and saw your title "Godly Wife" and thought I would click, so here I am. Just wanted to say that this is a beautiful post. So thankful for reminders like these.

  2. lol yea she has an amazing blog :) Thanks I will try to post more often because I know that today is when they world needs to be be reminded that marriage is not about giving up but about digging in our heels and letting God work it out. Feel free to come by anytime :)


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