Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!

Happy October to all of my wonderful readers!

Thanks for coming by and standing with me as I try to share what God has laid on my heart to share.
This month holds so many things for me, some are hurts and painful memories from the past that try to drag me down, while some are happy memories and some are just things that have to be done like the remodeling, fall cleaning, and getting ready for my little newborn baby girl that is due to make an appearance in December!

What does October hold for your family? I'm super excited about Fall and getting my house smelling like Fall is here! That is always the one thing I look forward to each year, I get excited walking into Walmart or any store really and seeing all the Fall colors, decor and of course the seasonal candles (oh how I love candles). We are in the midst of remodeling and boy can I tell you my home is some what upside down but we are getting there, one day at a time. 

Fall means family and fun, getting back into routine, and really getting back into step with Jesus. I have that struggle that we all do, finding that quiet time to just settle down with my Bible and just falling at Jesus's Feet and saying Daddy, what is it you really want from me? I want to fall into His arms, the arms that were tied to the cross, I want to hold the hands that were pierced for my sins. I need to be in the arms of the One who died for me. During Summer time I read my bible and I pray but it isn't like I really want too, it's always rush rush and to me that just isn't good enough. I need to really hear what God is wanting for me and for me as a wife to be a better leader at home and helpmate to my wonderful God given husband (sometimes I wonder how in the world did I get him, I definitely didn't deserve such an amazing man of God!!!) If we get too busy for God, then we are definitely busier than He ever intended for us to be. Let's learn to lean on Him and make sure that our time with him isn't out weighed by the things of this world! 

I am praying that we use this fall time to get back into step with God and really let Him lead and shine His glory on our lives and marriages. Let's learn to let Him show us what He wants, instead of always going after what we think is best for us and what we want for us. May God lead you today! 
What are you doing this Fall to get back close to God? How are you preparing you home for Fall? I would love to hear from you!

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad


  1. I'm just keeping busy with teaching my children, cooking healthy meals, getting the house cleaned up--those things. I love the crisp, fresh air of fall. It is my favorite season.

    1. I'm still working on the healthy meals part. Fall is just a cheery season, I don't know how anyone couldn't love it. Thanks for coming by.


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