Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why I Did Away with Facebook

You know those long hours wasted on social media that you long to get back but just can't? It seems every time you plan to do something productive you always find yourself drawn back to check your Facebook news feed just in case something interesting happened in the last 5 minutes?

I have been praying for direction as to where to go with this blog this year and I have been away on a little break trying to adjust my schedule to what the Lord wants for me. As you all know in December I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and over the last few months I have been seeking God to be a better mother to her and a better wife to my husband that God has so graciously blessed me with. I have also been praying that He would lay on my heart encouragement to give to others who are battling things that I can help them with. Facebook took up a lot of my time that I really should have been putting towards God and my family.  I wasn't on there doing anything wrong so say but it was taking my presence from where I really needed to be. 

So I wanted everyone to know why for now and maybe forever, my Facebook personal page and blog page aren't being updated because I'm no longer present there. I may eventually go back but I won't be there as much as before. So I do hope to still see you here and I will keep my pinterest open so that you can connect with me there and share my post with others. Sometimes we just let technology rule our lives even though we don't mean too and it can really take away from who we really are. 

So this is my challenge for you: Please be in prayer for me as to know what direction to go with this blog this year and spend more time off the internet and more with your family.

May God bless you,

Regina Cozad

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