Friday, January 24, 2014

Trusting God When Times are Hard

                                                  Hello to all my wonderful readers!

The past 6 weeks have been such a test for me, a test of my trust in God that no matter how uncertain everything may seem in my eyes that in His eyes it is exactly what He had planned for me. My baby girl was born on December 11th with very bad Acid Reflux and it literally had me to the point of desperation. I just wanted her better and I was doing all I could all the while in prayer for God to intervene. She is doing so much better and even though she has moments where she is still spitting up it isn't as bad. She had lost down from 8lbs 2ozs to 7lbs in 2 weeks but after a month of AR formula she is 9lbs and 6ozs. It killed me to know I had to cease breastfeeding but when it was in the best interest of my baby, God held me through it. I am a firm believer in breast is best but my production was as plentiful as needed and it had me on edge and my nerves were shot. 

After that trial another one hit, After months of my husband being unemployed, he got called to work about 3 hours from home which means he has to be gone for weeks and maybe months at a time. I'm happy he has found a job because in this economy it's very hard but it is hard for me because I hate being away from him. God opened a door for us to get a travel trailer so we will be able to go visit days at a time and won't have to spend tons of money on hotel rooms. It always seems that even when we become undone and worried God is there to comfort us and let us know He has it under control. 

I never once let my trust fail in God, even when it seemed I was at my breaking point God was there for me. Isn't it wonderful to have a Savior that cares for us even when we are undeserving and don't feel worthy of His love and mercy? I want to encourage you, if you feel like you are at your wits-end and feel like you can't take any more just hit your knees and let God comfort you and lead you in the right direction. His answers may not be what we think is best and it may not come when we want it but it's always in His perfect timing. 

When things get rough how has God guided you? What are somethings that God worked out for you when you just couldn't see answers?

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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