Friday, March 13, 2015

I Want To Do My Part, Are You Doing Yours?

Daily I see young women, either in the news, in my town, on social media, or in the areas I venture through thanks to my hubby's job, that need encouragement, help, strength, to be taught how to be the woman God called them to be and God called Us women who are older and/or more experienced in that area to help them! Are we doing our part? Are we seeking them out to help them?

Oh how this has been on my mind to write on, I've prayed about it for awhile because I just don't feel I'm "qualified" to speak on this subject because I'm only 23, married 5 years and a mother of a 5 year old and 1 year old. It seems every time I think that the burden has lifted, there is a young woman in need that comes to my mind, a radio broadcast urging us to reach out to the younger generation or God just puts them out there in my path! Please understand that I don't consider myself perfect or in anyway a know it all! Come to my house you will see I struggle just like the rest of you.

I want to challenge you to think a moment on how we as Christian wives can reach out to the younger women we know and teach them to become better moms, wives, saints, servants, cooks, organizers, etc. The Bible instructs us in Titus 2:4 to teach them and show them. I don't want to get to Heaven and God tell me that He specifically placed women on my heart or in my path for  me to help and I ignored it! I want to be a help where I can be, Growing up I needed more than my mom's inspiration (anyone who knows my mom knows she is a great Godly example) and there really wasn't much out there. In no way am I saying I had an excuse to do the things in my younger single time of what I'll call my rebellious trial and error that I knew would cause me shame or be a disgrace to those who loved me, but I still wish I would've had someone reach out and guide me in the way I really needed to go without putting me down for what I was doing. I wish when I got married that I would've had someone come along and just give me advice and explain that it wasn't going to be a glorious experience without rough times here and there!

I don't know that you can even put sense to the message I'm trying to relay here but I beg you to reach out to those younger women around you or women your age that you know need a little inspiration. Pray for God to lead someone to you or even search them out at the Grocery store! If you see a young mom with 3 kids screaming and fussing, say a prayer for her, if you are close enough just let her know you care and understand it's not always easy, but worth every minute of the agony, because they usually grow up to love each other!

Do you have anything to add or anything you are doing or could do to reach out to those moms around you?

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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