Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Fashioned is good enough for me

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Yesterday, as I was sitting with my elderly aunt who has alzhemier's, I began to think of how much she loves her husband and how just talking about the old days brings a shine to her eyes and a smile to her face. Even though she is going through so much, and he is in a nursing home, she stays positive. We need to always reflect on the old days when we were dating and first starting out and bring that positive energy back into our marriage if it has slipped away because of all the things that we allow to get in the way called life.

I took her out visiting another lady from our church in town to have tea, something she has always loved to do. This lady is also always so positive and definitely a great example of the Proverbs 31 woman and as they were talking, I was listenening and taking mental notes. They were talking of how you must always treat your husband with such respect and honor in front of others but most importantly at home when no one is there but him, you, and the children. God is always watching so He knows what you do everywheres and it is what we do in front of Him that really matters. You never know when they can be called home to meet Jesus, that is why as the bible says dont let the sun go down on your wrath, never go to bed angry. Ask forgiveness and move on from it.

You must not intentionally hurt your spouse, He is suppose to be so dear to your heart, instead you should always lift them up with kind words and actions. You may not intentionally mean to hurt them but you should be able to tell by their facial expression if it didn't sit well. If they told you something you didn't like or said something not quite how it went, don't correct them in front of others because that is hurtful and wrong. Always wait til you are alone in your room and say that hurt me and I really want you to know that, you don't want to argue in front of others or your children, because you are suppose to display and teach them to show love and affection one for another.

That one visit taught me so much and I hope that it teaches you too. Sometime old fashioned ways of doing things is the right way because The bible teaches it that way. Matter of fact I loved that visit so much and drinking tea the old way....I pulled out my old tea kettle and today I made my aunt and myself tea with it. I love the old things and ways of life :)

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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