Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 2 of Love & Respect Challenge

Communication is the key in every marriage.

Today we read chapter 2 of Love & Respect and we learned that miscommunication can cause a lot of arguments that really don't have to happen. When the wife is feeling unloved she lashes out and the husband feels disrespected so he reacts and then walks away feeling worthless. After many years of marriage a lot of people never realize the issue that is causing the continuing silly disagreements and keeps the crazy cycle going, instead of identifying them and then proceeding to work them out, they just give up or keep up the cycle. The bible tells us to work it out and for the husband to love his unloving wife and the wife to respect her unrespecting husband. We don't always feel that the other is worthy of their need but we must do it anyways. Their tank needs filling because when it runs empty or is cut off then there is conflict that didn't have to be.

We have to decode our messages that we send one another to clearly understand what each other means by our actions or words. In the chapter today it talks about the wife saying she has nothing to wear when she really means she has nothing new to wear and then the husband says he has nothing to wear when really he means he has nothing clean to wear. Women and men or so different which causes a lot of our small silly fights that really don't have to escalate into a huge knock out fight. God made us different, lets embrace it and learn to understand each other.

Your turn to speak up!

What did you learn today? Did God reveal to you anything that you need to work on to be a better understanding spouse? What's on your heart today?

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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