Thursday, November 15, 2012

A wake up call

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So today I woke up to 10 missed calls and 9 missed text messages on my phone, and it got me thinking about what if God was calling and I missed it. What if there was never another call from Him, What if that was it and He wrote me off as someone who really didn't love Him? I pray that I always hear His still smile voice when He is calling to me. I pray that each and everyone of us are never too tired or too busy to hear Him and make time to draw close to Him. No worries I called my Mom and bestfriend back...They were trying to wake me up but the speaker on my phone is broken so I guess it's time to invest in an alarm clock for myself lol. I wake up with my husband every morning and fix his lunch for work. I always spend those moments with him so that it brightens his day. Well I hope that today was alittle inspiring for you and that you have your music and candle going!

Also Happy birthday to my little furry fellow Prince Tiny Cozad :) It's his first birthday!

Be Blessed,
Regina Cozad

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