Monday, November 5, 2012

Prepare your heart

First I want to say welcome to Love and Marriage, Thanks for coming by! You can connect here and be apart of a community striving for happier homes and marriages. You can subscribe via email on the right hand side of this page so you don't miss a single post, link on FB, Twitter@sladezmommy, and Pinterest back anytime!

I am sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been very busy with 3 deaths in our family.
I do encourage everyone to begin preparing their hearts, minds and body for the upcoming holidays and definitely for tomorrow when you go to Poll to vote in a president for the next 4 years. Vote for someone that you would trust to lead your family in truth and by God's word. I am joining in on Women Living Well's 31 Day Fall Challenge. Today as I saw my candle burning I prayed for peace in my home and my heart as well as my Husband's. Thanks for coming by and I'm sorry for the short post but I'm off to clean up my kitchen.

Be Blessed,
Regina Cozad

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