Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Your Home a Haven : Week 3

I apologize for not posting last week but I do hope you were burning your fall candles and playing encouraging faith building music to make your home a peaceful place. We were so busy last week with school and visiting my hubby whose job has him traveling alot so we try to go along with him as much as possible. Check out Courtney's post for this week here.

We have established a family game night here that started when we were expecting our little girl. We realize that families that don't take time for each other usually end up in divorce court and we didn't want to be that statistic. We have set aside Friday nights to cook, eat and then play a game usually mexican dominos :) or occasionally LIFE and just enjoy each other's company. It's the togetherness without distractions (electronics) that just makes it so enjoyable.

Saturday night we were having a game night with some friends of our that is a young married couple like us when suddenly the phone rang with some bad news of their pastor who is also the husband's grandfather being rushed to the hospital with symptoms of a stroke and in that moment we prayed because we know the great physician and everything turned out ok. I said that to say this please always enjoy your family because that could've been so different. Things happen so fast and sometimes there isn't always time to call and say I love you and appreciate you. 

This week take time to continue burning your fall candles and praying peace over your home, play soft encouraging music and set the tone of your home to be inviting and loving, plan a night for a game or two with family dinner. Enjoy the family God has given you because you never know when He may take them from us and bring them home with Him.

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad


  1. Hi Regina,

    I followed your post from Women Living Well. I was wondering if you have the recipe for the Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti or the Creamy Nachos you mentioned available? They sounded yummy.


    1. I posted my creamy nachos recipe today, you can read it here . Tomorrow i'll post my cheesy chicken spaghetti recipe. Thanks for asking and coming by!


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