Monday, March 25, 2013

Quiet Moments

In those quiet moments God can communicate with me, but when it's busy and loud I often miss His calling out to me.

Today I woke up and just listened to the quietness. The kids are out for spring break and they were still asleep and even the dogs were quiet, and if you lived at my house you would know that is odd because they are never quiet in the mornings.

I took that time to just pray and thank God for all His blessings in my life. He gave me a husband who leads our family by the word of God and is always there for me, wonderful family that is always encouraging me, and He gave me all of you who come here and encourage me to keep on blogging and helping you to stay focused on God and having a happy marriage.

Sometimes we just have to take a moment and tell God thank you for a loving spouse, a roof over my head, family that loves me, a church family that will lift me up when I'm down, a vechile that gets me where I need to go, and your word to direct me when I stray from the path I'm suppose to be on.

Take time to today to just say Thank God to the One who created me and you! Also tell your husband thank you for working hard to support us and for leading us spiritually. What are you thankful for today? Share with us!

Be Blessed,

Regina Cozad

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